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The Good:

  •  Awesome music, it did a great job at setting the ambiance
  •  Great graphics, it was easy to identify the protagonist and enemies, nice job on walking animations
  •  Gives a great retro feeling when combining both graphics and music
  •  The difficulty was well balanced as I must have died like 10 times before I got the hang of the controls. It did get the feeling of playing one of those tough NES games when I was a kid.
  •  Level was a good size and really enjoyable. Took about 10 minutes to get to the final boss and really got a kick at fighting the huge ghost.

The bad:

  •  Controls are a bit un-intuitive, but well mitigated with instructions on the web page (had to go back and read to find how to shoot). Might I suggest including the instructions for controls on the home screen.
  •  Shooting backwards is really challenging/quirky, as even facing back, the hero is shooting forward. You really need to walk backwards in order to shoot to the left.  
  • At times the level felt disorienting especially in long corridors when there was no features to get a visual point of reference. I would suggest adding features (holes?) in the lower portion of the screen or in the background. (I totally understand we have to limit the scope/features due to time constraints during a game jam!)

Final thoughts:
Although it had some minor flaws, I really enjoyed playing the game. Great game!

Note: Commented part of the "Comment Pact Club"